No one hopes to declare bankruptcy. In fact, you’ve probably tried everything to avoid it. But, let’s face it: sometimes circumstances outside our control—medical bills, divorce or worse—make bankruptcy declaration unavoidable. Now that you’ve decided to file, what happens?

As a homeowner, one of the most stressful parts of the bankruptcy process is wondering what will happen to your home.

Our Bankruptcy Appraisal Service performed by a state-certified appraiser at Atlanta Condo Appraiser will show the current market value of your property. It provides you, your attorney, and the court an unbiased, third-party evaluation of this part of your financial picture.

Top 5 reasons why people file for bankruptcy

It’s not quite clear why bankruptcy filings are on such a drastic uptick, but one thing is certain — lots of homeowners are finding themselves unable to pay off their debts. More and more families are facing a mountain of bills, some unexpected, and realizing they need to find a way out. Some of the reasons our clients file for bankruptcy are:

Medical bills: Unfortunately, accidents and unforeseen health issues can’t be predicted. Without proper insurance, severe injuries and major illnesses can easily wipe out all your savings, investment and retirement accounts. When these are all exhausted, what happens?

Job termination or resignation: The loss of reliable income can be devastating. When the money stops coming in, the bills don’t. Even after the recession, the average length of unemployment in America is nearly one year. If you failed to secure a new position for an extended period, would you be able to survive the odds and keep your creditors at bay?

Credit misuse: Even if you’re diligent about your spending, we all make financial mistakes. If your finances have drifted out of control, filing for bankruptcy might be the best way to face the problem and fix what’s broken.

Divorce/Separation: The dissolution of a marriage puts tremendous strain on both partners emotionally and financially. The combination of legal fees, alimony, and child support expenses can create a “perfect storm,” rendering one unable to meet daily expenses.

Unexpected circumstances: Unexpected events can arise at any moment. Natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes strike without warning, and their outcome is beyond our control. Without the right insurance, these can inevitably force you to file for bankruptcy.

Choosing a Bankruptcy Appraiser

Your home is valuable to you—you have hopes, dreams, and memories there. Despite all that it means to you, when filing for bankruptcy, market value is most important.

When emotions and stress level are high, it’s not easy to establish and justify your property value. A bankruptcy appraisal is the best way to prove to the court that your valuation is accurate as stated in your declaration documents.

So, where do you start with a bankruptcy appraisal?

Select a Certified, Expert Appraiser

Your appraiser is the person who will verify your property value claims and represent your cause in court. Given the detailed analysis and time required, few appraisers choose to specialize in bankruptcy appraisal.

Be diligent when selecting one. Your bankruptcy appraiser should be knowledgeable and up to date on current market trends in your area. An appraiser who provides references and testimonials of successful past bankruptcy appraisal clients he’s worked with is a plus.

Focus on the appraiser’s certification, expertise, reputation, and credibility as they are all critical to whether the judge accepts or rejects your home valuation.

The team of appraisers at Atlanta Condo Appraiser are all state-certified and specialize in the creation of data-driven bankruptcy appraisal reports. Your appraiser will consult with your attorney as needed and provide reliable expert testimony on your behalf.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and are committed to providing service that leads to a successful bankruptcy appeal.


No matter your reason for filing for bankruptcy, your choice of appraiser is extremely important. You’ll want someone who can prove without a shadow of a doubt that your property value is exactly what you say it is. You cannot afford to gamble on anything less than expert service.

The team at Atlanta Condo Appraiser will put our years of industry experience and market knowledge to work to ensure an accurate, unbiased value of your home.