measurementIn today’s highly competitive real estate industry, there has never been a greater need for accurate reporting of a property’s true home measurement, as all too often the gross home measurement reported on public records differs from what actually exists. At Atlanta Condo Appraiser, our purpose is to give you an accurate home measurement that will assist as a solid and reliable source.

The actual size of a home, and most importantly its Gross Living Area (GLA), is typically the most vital characteristic of residential real estate, as square footage has the largest impact on value. It’s no wonder that misrepresentation of a home’s size, accidental or otherwise, is the number one reason for residential real estate lawsuits. Unfortunately many realtors rely upon county tax data for square footage of a home — this data is often inaccurate and can be a poor source for determining a home’s true measurement.

At Atlanta Condo Appraiser, we create quality, professional floor plans that will enhance your real estate presentation. Real estate agents use Atlanta Condo Appraiser’s floor plan service to highlight their property’s interior layout. This service compliments the properties interior/exterior photos and provides a complete picture for your prospective buyers.

Here at Atlanta Condo Appraiser, our home measurements and floor plans are legal documents that have many uses ranging from individual home sales to property tax appeals.

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0 to 2500 SQ. FT

BASIC: $175




2501 to 5000 SQ. FT

BASIC: $275




5001 SQ. FT and above

BASIC: $325+




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