Purchasing a property is a substantial investment with built-in risks and potential benefits. By obtaining a pre-purchase appraisal from Atlanta Condo Appraiser, the buyer and seller become more informed about the property and its value. When purchasing a property, place your trust in an appraisal company that has been performing professional real estate appraisals for nearly two decades. Our appraisers are locally based and prepared to provide high-quality, detailed appraisals. At Atlanta Condo Appraiser, we understand that time is of the essence when there is a pending sale of a property. We are equipped to deliver competent appraisals within the time frame you need.

Have a pre-purchase appraisal done by Atlanta Condo Appraiser for these many reasons:

  • An objective, unbiased, and third-party independent appraisal will give you an accurate reflection of the value of the property you want to purchase and a solid basis for an offer.
  • This information can be shared with the real estate and owner to show them an actual market value.
  • An appraisal can reflect if the market is going up or down, and your offer can reflect the current market conditions.
  • Many buyers can use the appraisal for tax abatement after they purchase their new home if the assessment is too high.
  • There are times the appraisal can be used by your lender during the financing process. This may not always be the case. Talk to your appraiser about this possibility.
  • There are times when a buyer and seller agree on a price, but when the appraisal is done for the bank, the value does not match. A pre-purchase appraisal by Atlanta Condo Appraiser will help avoid this.